Bring life into your home with Topanga Art Tile's endless range of flora and fauna. Great for gardens and patios, fountains and entryways, the look can be traditional or contemporary, simple or fantastic - the choice is yours. Designs available in 6x6, 4x4 tiles and Free-Form Tiles.

4x4 Lily Tile #1

4x4 Lily Tile #2

4x4 Lily Tile #3

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One of the latest projects Topanga Art Tile is working on is a “Living Mural” at the Rotary House in downtown Los Angeles on Skid Row. Although we do many fancy and elaborate projects for high-end residence, hotels, restaurants etc as well as many public spaces we are also involved with our community in other ways that enhance the spaces people use on an everyday basis such as schools, libraries and other public spaces...more

Sample Projects